Sonam Shulman

Full Name
Sonam Shulman
Central Midfielder
5’ 8”
125 lbs.
Date of Birth
Graduation Year
Goals & Ambitions
  • Play professional soccer in Europe
  • Study social sciences in University
  • Travel

Athletic Highlights

  • Mexican National Team Development Program
  • Member of Academic Program for Gifted Athletes (APGA) at Northview Heights S.S.
  • Physical Education Department Female Awardee 2019
  • School Sports Teams: Soccer, Basketball, Softball

Academic Highlights/Awards

  • Overall grades average: 98%
  • Honour Roll recipient past 4 years
  • English Department Academic Excellence Award (2019)
  • Future Aces Award (2018)
  • Doris Ferguson Memorial Bursary Award for Social Justice (2018)

Clubs and Areas of Interest

  • Member of the following clubs:
    • Leadership Retreat 2018-2019
    • Senior Choir 2018-2019
  • Writer for School Newspaper 2017-2018
  • Student Representative for Safe and Caring School Committee 2017-2018

Favorite Players

  • N’Golo Kanté
  • Samantha Kerr
  • Paul Pogba.
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