Kids on the Pitch – Bursary

BDA Scholarship Educational Bursary

ELIGIBILITY: To “full time” BDA-Blizzard members only


PURPOSE: Give opportunities to any student-athlete soccer player time to focus on their education and school without financial hardship, while playing the sport they love; soccer

A must first step: Applicants should first apply to outside financial assistance first. Examples include:


  • Athlete must be enrolled “full time” in program.
  • Family must qualify for Jumpstart and or KidSport.
  • Educationally maintain a 3.5 GPA each & every semester & year
  • Under a 3.0 GPA will place you not only “on Probation” but you will no longer be able to train or be part of program until your GPA raises above 3.5
  • Student – athlete must maintain a minimum 3.0 – 3.5 GPA or above – on probation and must get tutoring assistance to increase respective grades
  • No “expulsions” from school
  • Has submitted the completed Application Form with Proof of acceptance in either “JumpStart” or “KidSport”

IN RETURN: player must assist in coaching & mentoring younger players in Club (part of community hours)

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Check back here soon!

AMOUNT OF BURSARY: Up to the maximum amount of the annual Registration