What makes us Different?

Thank you for your interest in our Players. As Toronto Blizzard we have been steadily helping Ontario players getting a University degree both in Canada and the NCAA D1&D2 University schools (NAIA, NJCAA)over the past six (6) years. We have been ranked Top five in North America and Number one in Canada, year over year in developing players to perform at world class levels. The focus and priority of our club is to prepare all girls with discipline, acumen and confidence necessary to become leaders in our world. Our training encourages team work, tactical and physical strength. Each scheduled practice (4 times a week in Summer and 5 times a week in winter) for three hours a day establishes comradery and a natural love for the game. Players from GTA and surrounding areas join our club as it offers the child an opportunity to build a future with their own hands and under their terms. A requirement our club instills in each player is the importance of balance in life and education. Players understand to foster a sport that they love includes getting strong grades at school a must. We teach them that life to does not compensate for loose ends. Girls from ages 6 to graduates operate as a family whereby they all train together and communicate as friends or sibling with one another. Older girls through their commitment and focus become excellent role models for the younger players. The acceptance and equality of this dynamic brings out the best in every child during practice and competitive play as well as when travelling.

Former players that are playing at the National and International levels are scheduled throughout the year to offer guidance and insight for the players. At the age of 14, our girls begin competitive play against University/College NCAA teams and we have championed these events with continued victory. Our Coaching staff promotes players to be intuitive and to enjoy the game and to learn on their own from their mistakes. Independence of thought promotes understanding. With the ceaseless efforts by our coaches to condition the players and parents partaking to ensure all players eat a healthy meal together after every practice, we believe has been the recipe to the success of our players in sports and awarded scholarships. A “TRUE” FULL ROUNDED STUDENT-ATHLETE.

In order to continue our ambition and directive, we offer you our sponsorship requests to give our players their best chance to reach their goals. Games and tournaments are scheduled every year across North America. Due to the caliber of our players, younger players are asked to attend as they are promoted to play with older age groups. Inclusive of the travels, fees are associated with indoor/outdoor training facilities, equipment requirements and general operating/transportation and hotel costs. It is a prerequisite for our club to present the girls in this medium and showcase their talents. We are confident that partnership with the Toronto Blizzard’s will mutually benefit to our sponsors. Your efforts to support our team will provide exposure throughout North America’s NCAA schools, tournaments and league play at all age groups. This partnership will support a great team with countless win streaks across borders. Toronto Blizzard’s is not only a trademark but is here to make a difference in the lives of these children. To give an uncompromising chance by letting a child believe and forge their destiny and chase dreams that were once unimaginable.