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Summer Tryouts

Summer Session

April 2020 Until October 2020

Blizzard News

Toronto Blizzard & Joe Parolini Congratulates Malikae Dayes, Sarah Stratigakis & Rylee Foster for getting Canada Olympic camp invites

“Malikae Dayes played for Joe Parolini, & Toronto Blizzard while Sarah Stratigakis & Rylee Foster both played for Joe while he ran the very successful “Scholarship Program” at WSC with the 1998 Team”

Upcoming Events

Local Weekend College Combine

Hosted by Toronto Blizzard

Jan 31st, Feb 1st, & Feb 2nd, 2020

(Combine – 10 Hours)

Wild Water Kingdom, 7885 Finch Ave. W, Brampton

BDA Weekend USA Showcase

(Mainly vs. NCAA D1 Universities)

Open to All Players Aged 13 – 18 (11v11 Soccer)

3 Day Events – Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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Blizzard’09, GK, Sophia playing in her 1st tournament with Blizzard ‘07s + doing extremely well + earning respect. Believe in yourself and the Process. #BlizzardProud #PathwayToScholarships https://t.co/5fg4bJC650 Blizzardfc photo

Blizzard’06 PRIYA, slices ball with outside foot + lays off to AMF . Great foot work + technical skill. Believe in yourself and the Process. #BlizzardProud #PathwayToScholarships https://t.co/lT22vZ0jzs Blizzardfc photo

Blizzard’07, Gia’s new nickname “the Wall”. Nothing passes her + always breaking up plays as HMF. Believe in yourself and the Process. #BlizzardProud #PathwayToScholarships https://t.co/ckwkUlBldX Blizzardfc photo

Blizzard’08, Simona getting + putting everything into the pass, including accuracy, weight of pass + focus. Believe in yourself and the Process. #BlizzardProud #PathwayToScholarships https://t.co/tN6tu335g9 Blizzardfc photo
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